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Archive for June 2018

Pacifism and the Soldier–Part 4

Warriors for Peace This month, we have looked at pacifism, soldiers, and conscientious objectors. Hopefully, the posts have honored everyone’s service to society, with a sense of feet-on-the-ground reality. I’d like to finish this contemplation by naming organizations that work for peace. The second post I did for this blog (3/15/18) began with remembering Michael J.…

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Pacifism and the Soldier–Part 3

‘Going to War’ by Karl Malantes, a Vietnam veteran and author of  ‘Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War,’ and ‘What It Is Like to Go to War’  and war correspondent/author Sebastian Junger  is a documentary about soldiers in Vietnam and the Middle East. It aired on PBS on Memorial Day and can be accessed on Amazon…

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Pacifism and the Soldier – Part 2

Anabaptist Pacifism in the Western World : a Few Definitions and a Little History Next week we will take a look at “Going to War.” We’ll see the close friendships, patriotism, and sense of purpose that military life can bring. Today we’ll visit a brief history of pacifism in the Europe and the U.S., in which…

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Pacifism and the Soldier – Part 1

This post is greatly enhanced by the poetry of Ruth Naylor.   Photo by Anna Ogiienko on Unsplash   We all know that bravery is part of soldiering. The new documentary “Going to War” by Sebastian Junger and Karl Marlantes outlines veterans’ experiences and makes some interesting conclusions. There is more to soldiering than meets…

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