An ‘Addie Poem’ during Covid-19

Friends, in this time-out of taking care of my husband and dear friend in the aftermath of his heart attack:


while the world comes to terms with a pandemic:

(New York Times, March 18, ‘These Places Could Run Out of Hospital Beds as Coronavirus Spreads’)


I offer this thoughtful poem by my niece, Addie Liechty Kogan, a psychotherapist-counselor. Thanks, Addie! And blessings to you all.



poetry, essay and memoir at the intersections of spirituality, psychology and social justice

Intimacy in the time of Pandemic

I had yet to contemplate the intimacy of a bus ride with 50 strangers, until now

the intimacy of sharing door knobs and restaurant tables and gas pumps and park benches with millions of people I will never meet face to face.

Everyday, I take a part of them with me

No, let me be more direct-

Let me be more…


Every day, I take a part of you with me

I breath you deepinto my lungs

and then I breath you out and someone else breaths you in

This is an intimacy, that most of the time, goes unnoticed,

until now

What a wild ride to be spinning around space with you all!

All 7 billion of you, on a planet

held in perfect tension between the moon and the sun


but not too much and not too little


but not too hot and not too cold (for now)

It is this perfect placement, after all, that allows hydrogen and oxygen, which allows water, which allows organisms, which allows amoebas, and fish, and skunks, and possums, and elephants, and dogs and trees and my four month old baby

and…a four month old virus, sweeping the globe

What will we do with the knowledge of this intimacy?

What vows can I possibly make to you all and to our one, perfect planet?

(Addie Liechty Kogan)


After a second hospital stay, some time, and changes in medications, my husband is improving.

I welcome your comments:

{Thank you to my niece, Addie (Liechty) Kogan, for taking the picture that is this blog’s featured image. Her blog is:}

Best wishes and have a good week.



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  1. Diane Gottlieb on March 20, 2020 at 1:50 pm

    Oh, Greta! Addie’s poem is gorgeous! I’ve found it so interesting that during this time of “social distancing” so many of us have reached out to each other and connected.

    Thanks for sharing this intimate piece! And so glad hubby is improving!

    • Greta Holt on March 20, 2020 at 3:35 pm

      Wishing you and yours safety and love at this time. Zoom, etc. are a big help in keeping committees and groups going.

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